Play The Classic Lemmings On Your Nintendo DS With The R4 DS Card for NDS

The R4 DS Card lets you explore a whole extraordinary universe of games and apps on your DSi. And what does an R4 Card let you play? It grants you access to hundreds, if not thousands of friv games available for free online. Homebrew games have been accessible for quite some time even for the GBA and in truth arrived into their own when the R4 Card was released for the DS and DSi. A lot of the games are remakes of retro classics we all know and enjoy. The awesome thing is, they are created by homebrew / recreational computer programmers and are made accessible for free downloading from the net. The only thing you need to enjoy them is your Nintendo DS or DSi and your R4 Card ready and waiting to download and make them usable so you can relish them absolutely free.

One of the best examples of top notch homebrew games is Lemmings DS. Made by an R4 Card owner and unpaid programmer. The game is at the same level of quality with games you can buy in any game store games for the DS and DSi. This is what it used to be like back in computer gaming days. It is as a result of these homebrew games are of such high-level quality that people are flocking to the R4 Card and giving it a chance to find out what it offers in terms of homebrew gaming and likewise, producing your own Nintendo DS homebrew games.

Lemmings to begin with was released as a computer game. The very first system to get the game was the Amiga and then PC and C64 versions followed. THE best example of classic retro strategy game to get released back in the days. So popular in fact that it was also brought out for the Super Nintendo too. And with a double shout out to run3btd 4  game designers, you can relive the good old game days now on Nintendo DS or DSi with an .

In Lemmings, your chore in every last level is to maneuver your Lemmings to the exit with the least number of casualties by leading them from their cave or cavern and bringing them to the exit. This is accomplished with them digging, blowing things up, climbing, and building walkways or bridges. There are a number of instruments and bombs at your mercy, and in some extremely funny instances, you may have to forfeit a Lemming or two as you attempt to get your lemmings to the exit point.

Each level gets increasingly harder, with more Lemmings having to be protected in order to clear a certain level. While several of the Lemmings are disposable, most of your Lemmings have to make it out safely – and conscious, in order for you to progress to the next stage, which then grows tougher to complete.

Funny and addictive fun is what comes to mind when I play this game. With some of the skills of the Lemmings – all of them that you put them up to – making you laugh out loud. The game is a mixture of puzzle game – action game, and strategy game, because you must have an exact strategy how you’ll get by the barriers to get your lemmings to the exit – and maintaining enough of them alive and well to ensure that you march on to the succeeding level.

The R4 DS Card edition of Lemmings for the DS incorporates every last of the original stages from the very first installment of the game, as well as the levels from Christmas Lemmings and Oh NO! More Lemmings also. Thanks to the you can experience all of these stages in one easy to play minecraft games free .