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HindiLyrix.com is the Web’s largest variety Hindi lyrics. Our exclusive online lyrics library is browsable by artist, title and category. Updated weekly, our Hindi lyric database contains everything from the in popular Bollywood movies to old Hind songs.

Over the years, Hindi music is actually becoming an important a part of our daily life and we at HindiLyrix do our very best to provide accurate lyrics of Hindi songs. Most for this lyrics have been submitted by our wonderful users.

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‘Bollywood’ is which of over one billion people on the face of a lot. It has touched every aspect a good Indian and our life styles. It is like our second religion. Hindi songs have been a vital part of all of the movies in the Indian Film Small business. For the last three years, we have been a part of this industry through our contribution by providing Hindi Songs Lines. These songs have sometimes made us laugh and sometimes cry. We danced on them and we celebrated our moment humming those numbers. Now it’s the in order to give credit to those who actually penned down those lyrics, sang those and tuned those for the people all. It’s our sincere effort to incorporate Hindi song Lyricists, Singers and Music Directors to make our work more complete.

Music and dance is an associated with art that never ends its aroma and chant of going deep under feel of traditions and classical triumph that flows using your minds and spirit. To diversify this and in addition maintain the spirit, our site, allows the real talent from different area of interest to leverage them to get over it to maintain the tradition of classical music, art of Indian classical Dance and power of indian instrumental music to embark and to give the aroma.

Hindi Song writers have always seen tough days during the start of their careers. Writing songs for this industry with varied expectations has always been a passion for many the writers so far. This may be the reason, why the scene at back-stage of our music arena comes with a competitive shade instead of an aesthetic perception. Lyricists have always been booked with a particular banner including a Music Director. No doubt, writing songs involves a great deal of understanding of the theme of the project and the mood, situation and of the track. We salute all the Lyricists with regard to their justice to shape the time and attitude of the Indian masses.

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